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High Speed NIR Sorting System for Plastics Recycling
brisort1500+ Suitable for all common kinds of plastic recycled
The brand new BRISORT 1500+ High Speed NIR Plastic Sorting System applies brand new pure optical checking (NIR spectrometry technology) to each flake of recycled plastics and separates them into different zones. BRISORT 1500+ can improves the purity for recycled plastic flakes, in many cases, the purity could be up to 95% after sorted.

( Exception: Due to the non-reflective characteristics, black material usually can’t be sorted )

Most of the common kinds of plastic recycling can be sorted and reused to raise the value. It is also great helpful to the green world.
BRISORT 1500+ System outlook
Features : Fast Accurate Reliable
1. High Speed Sorting Technology
The smart NIR sorting solution is integrated with “free fall” setup to avoid noise and contamination for better stability and accuracy.

500Hz scan rate provides real-time and accurate material information stream of shape and classification.

2. Unique Lighting
Brisort uniquely designed light provides robust lamps with low power consumption, high light intensity and smart maintenance.

3. High Speed Valve Set
The high speed bullet valves are assembled in the compact nozzle bar. The milliseconds response and blowing time bring high throughput with less power consumption.
( Width from 500mm to 2000mm )

4. Integrated MMI
15” touch screens with high resolution provide clear and easy operation for the conveyors and NIR sorter respectively.