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Metal detection system
How to find out  the  metal  in the  recycled materials  to increase the purity and prevent  damage to the machine?
How to sort out specific kind of metal in the piles of mixed metal products automatically?
If  you have these problems ,  Brisort Metal detection system can help you  in smart way.

Metal sensor is the core for detection
For Plastics recycling industry :
to sort out any metal
For Metal recycling industry :
to separate the metal as 3 categories, including iron, stainless steel, ferrous metal(copper, aluminum)

This advanced metal detection system  can sort out the metal automatically and smartly.  It operates in two modes: metal detecting and metal sorting. The user can set it for different purpose of sorting.

The metal detecting mode :
the key point is to check whether the objects contain any metal material or not.  With high sensitivity, the system can easily detect small or even thin-film metal material.  Besides, the materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, screw, copper wire and other kind of metal could be removed from plastics.  By doing so, it effectively reduces and preventsthe machine from damage or downtime in process.

The metal sorting mode :
the system sorts out different kinds of metal automatically. The metalpieces will be classified as iron, ferrous metal,and stainless steelcategories. It reduces the amount of manpower, andsubstantially increasesthe sorting capacity.

Diagram  and structure of  Metal detection system


Conveyor belt

Metal sensor module
 1. Variable detection width: from 600mm to 2000mm
 2. 12.5mm and 25mm pitch sensor types are available.
High speed valves
 IO control card

  high speed valves modules

Unloading Unit